Tutorial – Cheaply waterproof your water bottle labels

Tutorial - Cheaply waterproof your water bottle labels

Last updated on February 13, 2017

Love the idea of using the Water Bottle labels that are included in my party packs, but want to keep your bottles cold, and printing on Waterproof label paper is too expensive? Attempt my cheap option instead!

This will permit you to have your water bottles looking excellent with your personalized label AND keep them cold without ruining the label (or your budget)!

Simply use cheap, clear adhesive Con-tact paper to cover your freshly packaged water bottle!

Clear adhesive Con-Tact paper is much cheaper than weatherproof/waterproof label paper, is water resistant and it’s readily available too. As it’s clear, you can protect your personalized water bottle label without detracting from the look!

Clear Con-Tact comes in large rolls like you see above. You can find it for just a few dollars in these shops here: Discount School Supply. Amazon . Staples. You can also find it at Walmart and most hardware or home improvement stores.

Personalize your water bottle labels from my Editable Party pack and print on regular cardstock (or photo paper if that’s what you are using for the rest of your designs). Once you have your label ready, you will need to cut a unwrap of the adhesive paper slightly larger than your personalized label.

You want to make sure that you have enough of the adhesive paper to entirely cover your water bottle label plus some extra to adhere to the bottle and stop moisture reaching your label.

The Fireman labels in the pic above, measure 8″ x Two″ when trimmed, so I made sure my adhesive paper was at least 9″ x Two.Five″.

Firstly, wrap your water bottle with your personalized label. Then peel off the backing from your adhesive paper.

Wrap the adhesive paper around your water bottle – making sure that your personalized label is sitting in the middle of your adhesive paper covering. Press down strongly to ensure the adhesive paper has no air bubbles to let moisture in!

Your water bottle is now ready to be kept cold in the fridge or in an ice bucket!

Have some Con-Tact Adhesive paper left over? Once you have finished covering your water bottle labels, you can use the rest of the paper for:

  • 1. «Laminating» your child’s art projects to help make them last longer.
  • Two. As a base or background material for collage projects — no glue needed!
  • Trio. Covering your kids favourite books to protect the covers from grubby little fingers.

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Hi, I’m Simone. Designer and possessor of SIMONEmadeit & mother of Two. I love designing party printables for kids and I can be most often found drinking coffee in front of my computer (or binge watching Elementary on Netflix).


Thank you so much for the idea. I am a mobile dog groomer and I was looking for a way to label my shampoo and conditioner mixing bottles. The bottles permanently get humid, so I needed to waterproof my labels. Never thought to use clear contact paper.

Awesome peak. I’m hoping my Amazon.com order reaches me in time with the waterproof labels but if not I will be using your peak.

Hi Simone, I was actually searching for this kind of awesome tips..woow! I’m truly blessed to get some good tips to make waterproof labels for myself. I’m thinking now to apply this technologies to my kids dearest books and her art projects as my daughter dreamed to have waterproof labels to protect her valuable art projects

Can I switch the color of the label? I want to use these water bottle labels for the boys at the party. The damsels have tutus and tiaras on them. I want these labels to coordinate with my color theme.


Lollipop Invitation
I love the invitations. I was able to lightly edit, print, and assemble them within a duo of hours to palm out to my daughters friends this morning. Very effortless and ideal. Love them.

Paris Party Printables – pink
Simone, you are a life saver. I’m a kiwi but live in the US. So we’ve just began back at school, and I’ve just begun working part-time. My daughter indeed wished a Paris themed party and had grand ideas of passport, boarding passes, etc and I had no idea when I’d be able to fit in the designing. When I found your files online I was sooooo relaxed. They are beautifully done and we’re having so much joy creating our party using them.

Camping Party Printables
LOVE this so amazingly much! The instructions were so thorough, the pdf is SO effortless to customize and the colors are printing so lightly! I am making the tent invitations for my sons bday and they are just darling. Everything in this kit is so creative and will indeed make his party a big hit. Thank you for such an amazing product! I will Certainly be back. )


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