Hibiscus & Hawaiian Greenery

Hibiscus & Hawaiian Greenery

For something with a more tropical flavor, this Hawaiian themed border is joy, colorful but functional too. The fine thing about two-sided borders is that you get a good framework to your page without it predominant everything else, leaving slew of room for your text.

I found some superb Hawaiian hibiscus flower clipart, that was accompanied with the greenery so the hard work was already done. I then pasted in some digital swirls and used the color picker implement to make them match with one of the mid green leaves in the clipart.

Decorative Daisy Border

Sometimes the most plain borders are the best, and this one gets the flower theme across without being entirely surrounded in flowers. This would make some excellent decorative notepaper, a puny noticeboard poster, or even some stationery for a florist or gardening business. My individual dearest use for this border is for a thank you letter or card, as it truly seems to suit that theme.

The green framework was just a rectangle form with the line colored green and then made extra thick to create the border. The daisy was created using the same method as above, but this time I added a ready made digital stalk to the daisy and an oval form packed green to create the balancing feel of the leaf.

Lei & Hibiscus Border

For a full-on feel of the tropics, this lei and Hibiscus flower border can’t fail to make you feel cheerful. Good for party invitations, especially summer BBQs, this will framework your text ideally.

The leis and Hibiscus flowers are actually from a beach dingbats font collection, that was effortless enough to incorporate into a border design using CraftArtist. Once you’ve achieved one pairing of dingbats you like, select them both to copy and paste into the next position to save some time and to make sure the spacing is consistent. The swirls at the top and bottom were digital embellishments simply copied and flipped to create a symmetrical feel.

Colorful Flower Side Border

Flowers are bright and beautiful so why shouldn’t your free borders be like that too. This is a wonderfully cheerful border that truly injects some color into your projects, albeit still leaves slew of room for you to write, type or scrapbook. The best thing about this border is that it only takes up one side of your page so is suitable for almost any project.

Use it as is or make it into a total border with a bit of cutting, rotating and pasting. Or attempt drawing a ordinary rectangle form around the page to join up with your flowers – send the form to the back so the flowers still shine through.

Circular Floral Border

Who says borders have to be rectangular? This is an absolutely adorable flower border that not only offers something different in the way of form, it is also a excellent one to use for Christmas projects too. The artist of this clipart refers to it as ‘Christmas flower.’ I don’t think it’s a poinsettia but it certainly has that look. Of course it’s such a superb photo it’s versatile to any time of year.

An effective design to use as a photo framework, or print onto an acetate sheet for a superb scrapbook overlay. Use it as a feature on a welcoming card and there would be little else to do — excellent room inwards for a verse or quote.

Summer Flowers PowerPoint Border

Want a superb floral themed border for a PowerPoint presentation? Then this is the ideal choice. Not all borders need to be for printed documents and this one comes all ready formatted in a .ppt file format to be lightly used in your presentations. If you find the border too thick, you could always draw a white packed rectangle and position it over the top to blank out some of the border, just making use of the edge. Or take it down a notch by using it in a black and white scheme.

There are other offerings from the PPT Backgrounds website too, and you can also get these featured borders in JPEG file format for all your other DTP needs.

Two Sided Floral Garland

Free flower themed borders don’t get much simpler than this, which makes them ideal for adding your own touches to — even left as it is, this two sided border makes an excellent addition to your projects.

This actually comes in a PNG format, which is effortless to use in most DTP packages. But if you want to use it in other packages, then it can even be used in software like Word. Attempt adding your own flower embellishments to create more detail by using some floral dingbats for a truly unique border. Or you could even make this into a total border by copying and rolling the pic, then pasting it in to meet up at each corner.

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