Online course on publication ethics: Register now!

Online course on publication ethics: Register now!

For long now, we have recognized the need for ethics training. The word “retraction” is fairly a dreaded word and no one wants their manuscript retracted. At the same time, many authors do not know what they can do to avoid retractions and publish ethically.

In the past, we have attempted to bridge this skill gap by organizing workshops and webinars for authors on ethics. We even have movies hosted on Editage Insights on this topic and a entire section dedicated only to ethics!

What was missing however was a guided course that would cover this topic step wise. This online course titled Avoid Retractions: Publish Ethically is an effort to provide guided learning on ethics in a ordinary and systematic manner permitting participants to learn at their own tempo and in their own time.

What’s better is that while the course is priced at USD 49, for the moment we are suggesting it for free ! And if you score Three out of Five or more on the final assessment, you are even eligible for a certificate of completion!

So, what are you waiting for? Enrol for this NOW. 

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