We have been loving some penguin research in 2nd grade

We have been loving some penguin research in 2nd grade. I think they were completely disappointed when we finished our final essays on Friday.

Here are some highlights!

As we worked our way through our research, we created anchor charts to post as a visual reminder of the steps «great» researchers go after via their examine.

Albeit I do not have any pictures of this step, during this investigate I truly…Truly…emphasized the importance or organization in research. The students planned their topics and subtopics prior to searching for suitable books and websites. I have to say, the thing that amazed me most during this writing unit was my students capability to locate websites independently. HOLY COW! We helped them out to begin with and then by the end of the week, they had websites up and ready to go in no time.

After a week packed with research, we finished up our final papers on Friday. My kiddos blew my socks off. )

After our writing was finished, the students put together a little penguin friend to display along with their writing.

I found this little chunk of sweetness on pinterest from the Glyph Ladies. They have some darling creations. You can check them out on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Click on the picture below to see all of their wonderful glyph projects.

We made something a little similar and the kiddos loved them. AND…they were GIGANTIC! AND…super joy!  My super creator truly outdid herself preparing this for us. I love how they all had identical chunks to create their penguin, yet they all take on their own little personality.

I have compiled the resources that we used via our research and made a little writing mini.  Whether you are writing elementary paragraphs or five paragraph essays, this unit will provide you with all of the necessary resources to guide your instruction and create a purpose for your research. As a joy bonus, at the conclusion of your research, the students will create a joy little penguin craft.

My kids have created this penguin for a few years. My students will be creating this little man on Monday to display with our connection to research. All of the tracers are included in the unit and ready to go!

You can pick up this writing unit and craft over at my TPT shop for just $Trio.50. 

I hope that you are all having a super blessed Saturday!

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