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So, you want to write your name in graffiti style, eh? After all, nobody wants a bland-looking font, especially when it comes to your title. The style your name is spelled out in should maybe say a little bit of something about you, don’t you think?

You don’t have to be an artist to achieve that graffiti-type style lettering. You don’t need Photoshop or other expensive software either. Thanks to The Graffiti Creator. it’s all possible to do for absolutely free online. Best of all, it’s plain, quick, and joy!

The Graffiti Creator is an easy-to-use Flash application that permits you to make your very own graffiti-styled logotypes, so it can be your name or basically any text you want. It’s more than just a boring font generator, however. Everything is very customizable and straightforward.

Very first off, choose from one of the seven creators available: Jedimind. Throwup. Wavy. MindGem. OldSchool. Flava and Bubbles. The creators’ interfaces can vary slightly, but they’re all more or less the same. What does switch is the style of the graffiti, along with some of the customizable features that you can play around with.

Once you’ve picked your beloved style, type in your name into the text entry box. Hit the Generate or Create button and your text will emerge in the space above the contraptions panel.

Now, you can customize the text to your liking. You may want to begin out with scaling the letters by adjusting the Width. Height. and Rotation slider bars. Keep in mind that you can haul and drop all characters wherever you please and you can choose to control particular letters and not others.

For example, if I want to make the very first “c” in my last name lowercase, simply click on all the other letters to deactivate them. Those characters will now become inactive and any switches you make will not affect them.

Alright, now let’s attempt liven things up a bit with some color. Make sure that you have all the characters you want colored activated and hit the color of your choice. Feel free to use the RGB controls on the left-hand side to find a specific color.

You may notice that the very first color you choose only affects the top glaze of the text. To bring color to the rest of the characters, go to the right-hand side of the contraptions panel for the advanced options.

From there, you can add color to the sides, outlines, and even add cool effects. Recall that the effects will vary depending on which creator you chose, so keep an eye out for different ones.

Once you are glad with your masterpiece, you can print it out. Unluckily, there’s no working option to save your name, but you can always take a screenshot and do it that way.

That’s how mine came out. How did yours? Also, do you know of any other websites where you can write your name in graffiti style? Let us know in the comments.


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