Write up: Ten best letter writing sets

Write up: 10 best letter writing sets

There’s never been a better time than the present to get back into letter writing as national stationery week approaches. Albeit we communicate with each other more than ever before, unlike our grandparents – or even parents – our emails are unlikely to be loving preserved as their letters have been. Continue reading Write up: Ten best letter writing sets

Do starlets generate sound?

Do stars generate sound?

A group of researchers, including Dr. John Pasley of the York Plasma Institute, Department of Physics, discovered that starlets generate sound. While studying the interaction of an ultra-intense laser with a plasma target, the team observed that in the trillionth of a 2nd after the laser struck, plasma flowed rapidly from areas of high density to more stagnant regions of low density, creating a series of pressure pulses i.e. Continue reading Do starlets generate sound?